This year will mark the 42nd year that our alumnae chapter has hosted a poinsettia sale. This philanthropic tradition has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars benefitting our local CASA and Harmony House. As our community continues to grow, and our dollars are spread thinner, your donation means even more! This year please consider buying or selling at least one poinsettia or wreath. Every dollar helps!

Call or e-mail your order to Barb Grauberger
Order Form

6 1/2 inch poinsettia – $17
8 inch poinsettia – $29
22 inch wreath – $27

Choose from red, white, pink, or marble.

Pickup Information:
11/27/17 and 12/2/17 – 9 A.M. to 12 P.M.

Plantorium Greenhouse/Nursery
2933 Co Rd 54G, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Coupon Option:
There is also a coupon option. You simply obtain the coupon from Barb, sell them, and your customers can pick their own poinsettia out at the Plantorium at their leisure.

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