We invite any woman who is an alumna of Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity and living in the greater Fort Collins area to join our alumnae chapter.

Regardless of where life takes us, the bond we share with other Thetas, the link between each of us and the Fraternity, is strong. When we think of Theta, it is important that we think not only of the past, but also of the present and the future. One way to provide for a strong Fraternity, both today and tomorrow, is for each alumna to pay annual dues to Kappa Alpha Theta.

Membership Dues: $46.00
National: $31
Local chapter: $15

How Do I Pay?

Our chapter accepts dues payments online via PayPal. Log on to the main Kappa Alpha Theta website and select Pay Your Alumnae Dues to access the Fraternity's online payment system. You will be able to pay using any major credit card via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to proceed, and it's entirely secure!

If you prefer to pay your dues by check, please mail a check payable to KAPPA ALPHA THETA ALUMNAE, to the chapter treasurer:

Stephanie Dugger
942 Deer Creek Ln
Fort Collins, CO 80526

How are my dues used?
A portion ($31.00) of your annual dues goes to headquarters to keep us in good standing with the Fraternity. The remainder helps support us as an Alumnae chapter. Annual dues help support our Alumnae chapter.

What do our local dues cover?
• Yearly newsletter
• Fort Collins Area Alumnae Panhellenic & scholarships
• Founders Day awards for Beta Gamma
• Founders Day flowers and expenses
• Donations to Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation and CASA

What do International Fraternity Alumnae dues cover?
• Your yearly Theta magazine subscription (all four issues delivered to your home)
• College and alumnae programming, trainings, and other resources
• Upgrades in technology for membership recordkeeping
• Grand Convention delegate expenses
• Recognition of 50- and 75-year members
• Expansion and establishment of new chapters.

What if I am a "Life Loyal" Member?
If you are a Life Loyal Theta, you do not have to pay the national dues of $31.00 per year, but we do ask that you pay the $15 local chapter dues each year. As the number of Life Loyal Thetas increases, we have to continue to support our local chapter, too.

What is a Life Loyal Member?
Life Loyal Members pay a one-time payment of $299 (or $189 for 50 year members). Life Loyal members are exempt from paying Fraternity annual per capita for life. Information about becoming a Life Loyal Theta is available at: http://www.thetalifeloyal.org/

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